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My name is Sierra and I have a huge focus on Equine and Pet photography as well as Human portraits and events!

I take pride in my composition and knack for catching just the right un-posed moments that bring out the best in any session!

I grew up as an Equestrian in a small town in Northern California. Id always loved taking photos, and now having the opportunity to capture those special moments for people is a dream come true!

I believe in making sessions affordable because I love what I do with this hobby!

Horsemanship And Life, A True Story

By Michelle R Scully

I was so thrilled when Michelle asked me to be her photographer for her newest book's cover! Read below the synopsis of this new journey! You can order your copy by clicking the button!

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Horsemanship and Life, A True Story

Everyone's most beloved titanium cowgirlfriend Michelle R Scully is back with a new book: Horsemanship and Life, A True Story.

Michelle shares more from life "beyond the black sharpie line" in this follow-up to Broken, Tales of a Titanium Cowgirl. With an un-abashed trifecta of humor, heartfelt honesty, and sass, Michelle's latest memoir shares her innermost thoughts and challenges as she welcomes True - a new horse and a new chapter - into her life.

The pandemic and the new partnership provide rich lessons once more, as she assesses life. Kids grow up, parents age, (body) parts wear out - life keeps happening and Michelle realizes that each new horse and each new life challenge is an opportunity to leave old ways behind and incorporate new and unexpected ways forward.

Cats, dogs, counting things in dog-years, horses (always horses), zebras, and sharks...just for starters...all are present, nestled in the cheeky wit, wisdom, and wonder that is the searching mind of Michelle R Scully who says, "It's about horses, and its about life, and its about how you show up for both."

Michelle lives in Northern California with her husband Pat and their rotating animal farm. They are part of a multi-generational farming operation.